Shaping the Future of Youth

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Building a betterYou

Are you or a someone you know struggling with mental health or behaviors that make it difficult to function on a daily basis? Give us a call and we can set up an appointment to get you on the path to a better you

Shaping the Leaders of Tomorrow

At Together We Rise LLC, we strive to empower the lives of youth and families in the Baltimore community through our variety of programs. Our Educational Workshops is designed to provide youngsters with all the tools they need to be great leaders tomorrow. We are happy to be the driving force behind the development of our children, and hope to continue making a difference in their lives.

Making a Difference One Family at a Time

Together We Rise LLC empowers youth in the greater Baltimore area to reach their fullest potential through a wide range of services. We care about our children, and their families  enough to provide  them with a number of enrichment programs to help shape their identity. Our Volunteering Trips provides our youth the chance to get involved in the community and meet new and exciting faces from all walks of life. Come experience it for yourself today!

Curious to learn more about our wide range of enrichment programs? Contact us today and stop by for a visit!

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